Hi, I'm Rachel Binx!
I'm a data visualizer, art historian, mathematician, and GIF empress.
I built Meshu, Monochōme, TrekNotes, and Gifpop. I am currently building visualization tools for
space robots at NASA JPL in sunny Los Angeles. Email me if you want to chat!

Data Visualization Senior Thesis
For my honors thesis at Santa Clara University, I did a portfolio project about data visualization. I read a couple Edward Tufte books, and then started working my way through Ben Fry's Visualizing Data. After that, I started making pieces of my own.

First up was a visualization of the connections between different fields in mathematics. I found a dataset online that was an analysis of published mathematical papers that cite the paper as belonging in two fields.

Clicking on a circle filters that data down to only papers that mention that field:

The second project in the series was a dataset about myself, collected over a 50-day period of time. Each hour, I would record my happiness and energy levels, collected via twitter. I would also track each of my meals, caffiene consumption, alcohol consumption, and when I was asleep. At the end of it, I was able to put together 50 graphs that looked like the one below:

From here, I was able to do some basic analysis on the data (the grey bars in the back indicate how many datapoints I had available each hour).

The next project was trying my hand at infographics, based on a dataset of the frequency of different fonts found on different operating systems.

Finally, a concept sketch of what my CV might look like: